Youtube Video Editing

From: $100.00 / month and a $7.00 sign-up fee



With our monthly package, you can choose from three options: 5, 10, or 15 60-minute videos per month. Imagine the possibilities of consistently uploading high-quality, engaging videos for your audience to enjoy.

To ensure optimal results, please take note of a couple of details before booking. Each video must not exceed a duration of 60 minutes, allowing us to focus on refining every second of your content. Additionally, we kindly request a minimum commitment of 2 months to maximize the impact of our editing expertise.

Rest assured, we value your input. That’s why we provide up to 3 revisions per video, ensuring your vision is brought to life. And to enhance the viewer experience, we’ll even include licensed music for your videos.

Elevate your YouTube channel with our comprehensive video editing service. Book now and unleash the true potential of your content.

Youtube Editing Monthly

  • Up to 60 minute video limit
  • Must be 2 monthly commitment
  • Liscensed music included
  • 3 revisions each video


  • If you do not use all your video edits for that month you will forfeit those video’s and must start a new month of video editing to continue.
  • Please provide all information 2 days before you planned to post

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5 Video Edits, 10 Video Edits, 15 Video Edits


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